Preparatory Material for Parishes - Adoremus

17/01/2018 2:48 pm

Cardinal Nichols - procession - Benediction

A range of resources is being prepared to help parishes and individuals engage more deeply with different aspects of the Eucharistic Mystery.

They are intended for all, whether they are able to attend the Eucharistic Congress or not.

For more information about the Liturgy of Exposition of the Holy Eucharist see the Liturgy Office website.

How Holy this Feast

Group resource for Reflection and Prayer

A series of small sessions for parishes which reflection on the connection between Mass and Adoration and then looks at the relationship between the Eucharist and aspects of the life of the Church.

Each session begins with a time of reflection and discussion and ends with a time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

More details about the resource including notes for leaders.

How Holy this Feast: Notes 82.42 kB

There are six sessions. After the first session, Introduction, the material can be done in any order and a parish may choose just to use some of them rather than all. The titles are given below in roughly alphabetical order:

Introduction 81.61 kB

The Eucharist and the Environment 82.83 kB

The Eucharist and Evangelisation 80.35 kB

The Eucharist and the Family 82.64 kB

The Eucharist and the Parish 78.37 kB

The Eucharist and Social Action 81.46 kB

Participating in Adoration

A series of reflections on the ways we participate in Adoration prepared by the Spirituality Committtee. Each leaflet considers a posture or attitude of prayerful participation and includes: scripture, image, prayer and reflection. They are intended for a range of uses: for individuals during a time of prayer before the Blesseed Sacrament, for group reflection or as the basis of a holy hour.

Adoring 345.98 kB

Being Present 582.48 kB

Keeping Silence 159.31 kB

Kneeling 261.34 kB

Listening 680.92 kB

Looking 310.25 kB

Resting 210.74 kB

Standing 234.57 kB

Waiting 1.10 MB

Watching 1.08 MB

Wrestling 235.05 kB