Greeting Religious Men and Women in Roehampton

On Saturday, 29 May 1982, more than 4,500 religious gathered at Digby Stuart Training College, Roehampton, to hear the Pope John Paul II's address and to renew their religious vows. The number included 300 contemplatives who had not been away from their enclosures for many years.


Pope John Paul II to the Religious men and women of England and Wales, 29 May 1982

I wish to express my special joy at this meeting. You are here in such large numbers as representatives of all the religious of England and Wales. On the eve of Pentecost you are her to renew your religious vows. With the Pope, the Successor of Peter, you will proclaim before the whole Church that you believe in your consecration; that it is your call to follow Christ which inspires your joy and your peace. “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Phil. 4, 4).

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