Acting Director Louise Jarvis from the charity Baca alongside Claire Fletcher

09/12/2014 3:22 pm

Louise Jarvis, Acting Director of the charity Baca, left, and Claire Fletcher

Baca is a UK charity based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. It specialises in supported accommodation and care for victims of trafficking.

Baca advocates that child victims need dedicated specialist care that gives a secure and appropriate environment where they can learn how trust people again, recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

Acting Director Louise Jarvis, alongside Claire Fletcher, present the charity's work and creatively bring the voices and experiences of the young survivors of trafficking to the delegates.

Duration 18m 45s


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The Baca Project, Loughborough



Acting Director of the charity Baca, Louise Jarvis, and Claire Fletcher addresses delegates on Day Two of the Santa Marta Group conference at Lancaster House, London. Saturday, 6 December 2014. Duration: 18m 45s.   baca-charity-061214.mp3 8.86 MB