Sr Aurelia Agredano's Address: "Trafficking in women from the experience of Sisters Adorers’ charism"

10/04/2014 12:00 pm

Sr Aurelia Agredano, AASC: Vice General of the Congregation of Adoratrices, Spain, spoke to delegates at the 'Combating Human Trafficking' Conference in Rome about some of her personal experiences. Having lived for many years, very close to this reality, living daily with young women from different countries who have suffered this serious problem, she knows that this reality is not indifferent to the world of religious life.

Many religious congregations collaborate to provide alternatives to help victims of this hideous crime.

"As we all know, human beings are trafficked for exploitation with different purposes – for sexual exploitation, as domestic workers, employees in agriculture, for begging, and so on. Women and girls are the most vulnerable to being exploited in the complex world of prostitution."

Full Address

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Sr Aurelia Agredano

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Full speech given by Sr Aurelia Agredano, AASC- Vice General of the Congregation of Adoratrices - Spain, at the Combating Human Trafficking Conference 2014.