Actress Mira Sorvino's Address: "Society’s Role in Combating Human Trafficking"

22/04/2014 1:42 pm

Delegates listen to a presentation at the 'Combating Human Trafficking' conference in Rome

American actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino addressed delegates at the 'Combating Human Trafficking' Conference in Rome about society's role in the fight to bring an end to this horrific criminal trade.

"Infrastructure needs building to better serve the needs of survivors in limbo. Perhaps here we can follow the suggestion made by the working group of using the many properties owned by the church for facilities for survivors, because right now the need for safe, well managed restoration sites grossly outweighs the supply in every country. I strongly encourage the replication of the good work that two groups of women religious are doing in California and New York, running shelters and being with the recovering survivors in person, full time.

"Please encourage your religious, your clergy and your lay congregation to bring their particular skill sets to the table, be they languages, legal degrees, etc.., for the good of the recovering survivors as they navigate their way through court cases, visa and job applications. "

Full Address

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Mira Sorvino

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Full speech given by Mira Sorvino, UN Goodwill Ambassador,at the 'Combating Human Trafficking' conference in Rome. Titled: "Society’s Role in Combating Human Trafficking". 10 April 2014.