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The Prayerful Guide St Bernard of Clairvaux

25/06/2015 9:15 am

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

Today we turn our prayerful attention to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux for our Schools of Prayer podcast series.

Sr Mary Apolline from the Berdardine Cistercian community at Brownshill, Stroud gives us her reflection on the remarkable twelfth century saint and reformer and also her life as a Bernardine sister.

We start with St Bernard's Prayer to the Most Holy Name of Jesus before Sr Mary Apolline tells us about the saint's reverence for the name of Christ: 

"Saint Bernard encourages the devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. He says: 'It is light, food and medicine... When preached to us, it is food... When we meditate upon it, it is light... When we invoke it, it is medicine that soothes our pains...'

"God loves us and he is always faithful to his promise. Whenever I say 'Jesus', I’m confident that I’ll receive whatever I need because he loves me.

"Each time I say 'Jesus', it is, for me, an act of faith, an act of love and an act of trust.

"The name of Jesus protects from the power of the evil one who constantly seeks to do harm.

"The name of Jesus fills the heart with joy and peace, giving strength in our sufferings."


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