For 2013, our Advent podcasts focus on the call of Christ to various acts of service in the life of the Church in England and Wales. They can be found on iTunes and RSS and you can follow the series on twitter using the hashtag #Thought4Advent. Why not listen and add your thoughts? We are uploading one-a-day from Sunday 1 December through to Christmas Day.


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Christmas in Bethlehem

This special reflection is more a Thought for Christmas than Advent and sees the Bishops' Consultant on the Middle East North Africa region, Dr Harry Hagopian, deliver an authentic slice of what it's like to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. 

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24 December

It's the last day of Advent and the waiting and anticipation is almost over. Today we have an excellent reflection from Monsignor James Cronin, the National...Read more

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23 December

Education is the focus for today's 'Thought for Advent'. Paul Barber, Director of the Catholic Education Service, looks at the importance of authentic witnes...Read more

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22 December

It's the Fourth Sunday of Advent and today we pray for expectant mothers. Marie Kato-Kmiec is a new mother who recently gave birth to her daughter Abigail. I...Read more

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21 December

Motherhood is a central Advent theme but let's also remember the call to fatherhood as we approach the birth of Christ. So, who better to reflect on this tha...Read more

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20 December

Back at the start of Advent, on 4 December, we remembered the people of the Middle East North Africa in a day of prayer in England and Wales. Now, as we appr...Read more

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19 December

Cathy Corcoran, Chief Executive of the Cardinal Hume Centre in London, looks at Pope Francis' Advent message on the 'Horizon of Hope' and relates it to her w...Read more

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18 December

Today we head to the very place where Jesus taught his disciples the beautiful and universal prayer for all Christians - the 'Our Father'. Once again we're i...Read more

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17 December

Today's 'Thought for Advent' looks at the challenge of reflecting the Good News that was proclaimed at the very first Christmas. Dylan Parry, Editor of Oremu...Read more

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16 December

The call to parenthood is one of the holiest of callings. Today's Thought for Advent is given by Breda Theakston. Breda works with couples and parents in the...Read more

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15 December

We return to the Holy Land for the Third Sunday of Advent. Dr James Hanvey SJ, outside the Church dedicated to St Joseph in Nazareth, gives us his 'Thought f...Read more

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14 December

Today's 'Thought for Advent' comes from Jim McManus - the Director of Public Health in Hertfordshire. It's the feast day of St John of the Cross, a Carmelite...Read more

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13 December

Is there someone in your family, workplace or friendship circle longing to hear the word of love and truth? There's always someone close to us who needs to b...Read more

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12 December

Sr Lynda Dearlove is our podcast contributor today. Lynda's the CEO of Women at the Well, a charity working with vulnerable women who are involved in street-...Read more

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11 December

Bishop John Arnold, an auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Westminster, gives today's 'Thought for Advent' reflection. Back in 1993, Bishop John wrote 'The Q...Read more

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10 December

Building on yesterday's reflection on domestic poverty, Dr Rosemary Keenan, CEO of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster), shares with us aspects of h...Read more

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9 December

Poverty is not seasonal but is possibly more visible at this time of year. Christmas can also be a time of excess for many of us. Today's reflection for our...Read more

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8 December

It's the Second Sunday of Advent and in today's reflection we return to the lands of Christ's birth and ministry. Dr James Hanvey SJ offers his thoughts from...Read more

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7 December

Many of us cringe when we contemplate the bustle and busyness of the lead up to Christmas. It's a challenge to keep the anticipation of Christ's Coming - the...Read more

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6 December

Who better than a Benedictine monk to extol the virtue of moments of silence? That's what we've got for you today in our #thought4advent podcast reflection....Read more

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5 December

Today's Advent podcast reflection comes from Sister Cathy Jones and looks at Christ's call to religious life. A Religious of the Assumption, Sister Cathy tal...Read more

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4 December

The Feast of St John of Damascene, 4 December, is the date in the Church's calendar when we look to the Middle East and pray for its peoples. Syria comes sha...Read more

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3 December

Today's the Catholic Church's World Day of Migrants and Refugees so this 'Thought for Advent' reflection comes from Bishop Patrick Lynch, the Chair of the Of...Read more

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2 December

It's the first weekday of Advent and in today's reflection for our seasonal podcast series 'Thought for Advent', Dr James Hanvey SJ looks how Advent is a tim...Read more

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1 December

For this, the first in our seasonal podcast series 'Thought for Advent', Sr Margaret Shepherd looks at the Call of Christ to walk in the Light of the Lord. Read more