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Starvation in Syria, Egypt's judicial iron grip, Lebanon and Jordan feel the ripples and Israel-Palestine back to square one?

07/05/2014 2:34 pm

Destruction in the background of a resilient marketplace in Aleppo, Syria

In May's Middle East Analysis podcast we look at Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Israel-Palestine. 

Our focus on Lebanon falls on Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai's decision to accompany Pope Francis on his imminent visit to the Holy Land as well as the country's presidential elections.

Our now-regular Syria update looks at the refugee crisis affecting Syria's neighbours - with particular interest paid to Jordan.

Dr Harry Hagopian, our regular studio guest, then examines the trials in Egypt that have led to multiple death sentences.

We conclude by circling back to the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Dr Hagopian is the Bishops' Middle East North Africa (MENA) consultant.

Duration: 25m 53s

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Start - 2m 42s

2m 43s - 10m
Maronite Cardinal - Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai

10m 1s - 11m 44s
Lebanon's presidential elections

11m 45s - 17m 33s
Syria crisis - refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

17m 34s - 21m 5s
Egypt courts - death sentences

21m 6s - End
Israel and Palestine


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