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Faith and Film - Reviews of 'Risen' and 'The Young Messiah'

18/03/2016 2:39 pm

As we stand on the threshold of Holy Week and look to Jerusalem, we approach the end of Lent and reflect on Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross. Filmmakers have long been fascinated by Christ's life and ministry - George Stevens famously calling it 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' back in 1965. I, for one, will be brushing a year's worth of dust from the cover of my DVD copy of Pier Paolo Pasolini's 'The Gospel According to St Matthew' - a better film released a year earlier in 1964.

But let's fast forward 50 years to March 2016. Christ movies are en vogue again and in today's 'Faith and Film' podcast, we're taking a close look at a movie that takes its subject matter from the empty tomb after the Crucifixion - Kevin Reynolds' film 'Risen'.

It's 33AD and a Roman Tribune in Judea is tasked with finding the missing body of Jesus after uncomfortable rumours surface that he has risen from the dead.

Vastly experienced film critic Fr Peter Malone MSC joins us in the studio to discuss 'Risen' and, as a little bonus at the end, also discusses 'The Young Messiah' - a film that tells the story of a seven-year-old Jesus as he and his family depart Egypt to return home to Nazareth.


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Fr Peter Malone is a former president of SIGNIS - the World Catholic Association for Communication. He's a highly experienced film critic and author who has travelled the world watching, writing on and talking about movies. Since 1968, he's written reviews for a number of Catholic magazines and periodicals. He's also written many books on cinema including 'Films and Values', 'Movie Christs and Antichrists', 'Cinema Down Under' and the excellent 'Lights, Camera, Faith' (Movie Lectionary) series.