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Faith and Film - Review of Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'

15/03/2017 10:16 am

There aren't many film critics working in Catholic circles that have more experience than Fr Peter Malone MSC. The Melbourne resident has travelled 10,497 miles to be with us in the studio to discuss a film that's rather appropriate for Lent - Silence.

Director Martin Scorsese has wanted to make this film for some time. Based on Shūsaku Endō's book of the same name, Silence follows two Portuguese Jesuit missionary priests to Japan in the 17th century. Having survived the torturous sea journey, the real torture begins when they prop up the underground church to bring the sacraments and the Catholic faith to peasant villagers in a time of harsh Christian persecution.

It's certainly an important film to reflect on during Lent. Why not listen to Fr Peter Maone's take on it? We have some clips from the movie too.


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Fr Peter Malone is a former president of SIGNIS - the World Catholic Association for Communication. He's a highly experienced film critic and author who has travelled the world watching, writing on and talking about movies. Since 1968, he's written reviews for a number of Catholic magazines and periodicals. He's also written many books on cinema including 'Films and Values', 'Movie Christs and Antichrists', 'Cinema Down Under' and the excellent 'Lights, Camera, Faith' (Movie Lectionary) series.

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