Taking the Parish to the Ship

07/07/2017 11:27 am

Today's 'Catholic News' podcast sees Bishop Paul Mason make his second visit to our studio - just a month after he celebrated the first anniversary of his ordination as a Bishop.

It's Sea Sunday on 9 July and today we're talking about a hard working group of people who are often invisible - those who work long days at sea bringing food and goods to our ports. Equally hidden are the men and women working on leisure vessels like cruise liners.

A cruise ship chaplain in days gone by, not to mention having his roots in the proud ship-building region of the North East, Bishop Paul came to us fresh from a visit to Tilbury port in Essex.

His visit was made in his capacity as Bishop Promoter for our agency supporting seafarers Apostleship of the Sea.

We talk port chaplaincy, holding on to faith miles from shore, let alone Church, and why it's vitally important we pray for and support the men at women living a hard and lonely life at sea.

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Please remember seafarers on 9 July. If you want to support Sea Sunday, please visit the official website for Apostleship of the Sea.


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