Sea Sunday - Supporting the World's Seafarers

09/07/2014 8:45 am

Sea Sunday image - Tilbury docks

Sea Sunday falls on 13 July and gives us the opportunity to remember and pray for seafarers, their families and all who support them.

We welcome John Green from Apostleship of the Sea into our studio for this Catholic News podcast to talk about the day and the work of port chaplains and volunteers.

Behind many of our news stories you'll find a connection to seafarers - many of whom work below deck and are, to all intents and purposes, invisible.

So whether it's a dramatic rise in the sale of footballs thanks to the World Cup or putting a diverse range of foods on our tables, you can bet the shipping industry has played its part. 

On Sea Sunday Catholic Churches around the UK take up a second collection with all funds raised going to the Apostleship of the Sea to support its work. 


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Sea Sunday 2014

In today's 'Catholic News' podcast we speak to John Green from Apostleship of the Sea to talk about Sea Sunday. It will be celebrated in our parishes this year on 13 July.   sea-sunday-080714.mp3 4.30 MB