Searching for a lasting peace in the Great Lakes region of central Africa

11/06/2014 8:45 am

Great Lakes Region - DRC, Rwanda, Burundi

The Great Lakes Region of central Africa has seen some of the worst violence and conflict in the continent over the past 50 years.

Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have all suffered violent struggles.

Working together for a lasting peace is an imperative shared by both the Catholic and Anglican church leaders of the region.

To this end, both are engaged in a joint initiative called “Peace in the Great Lakes” in which the Catholic bishops of central Africa and the Anglican Bishops of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda have come together to listen to the problems of the small communities, identify the pathway to peace and reconciliation, and to join the search for alternative solutions to conflict and aggression.

For today's rather ecumenical Catholic News podcast, we're joined by two Rwandan Bishops - the Rt Rev Antoine Kambanda, Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Kibungu, and the Rt Rev Augustin Ahimana Murekezi, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Kivu.

Together we take a close look at the “Peace in the Great Lakes” initiative - particularly what's happening in Rwanda - and look at how a unified, committed approach is pivotal to secure a lasting peace.


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Rwandan Bishops

In this 'Catholic News' podcast we talk to two Rwandan Bishops - one Catholic, one Anglican - about the prospect of a lasting peace in Africa's Great Lakes region.   rwanda-bishops-120514.mp3 6.58 MB