20/11/2013 3:40 pm

World Fisheries Day 2013

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on 21 November and offers the opportunity to raise important issues such as over-fishing, habitat destruction and the dignity and welfare of over 43 million people employed in the fisheries and aquaculture industries.

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24/07/2013 1:35 pm

Care for Sick and Retired Priests

Day for Life is the day in the Catholic Church’s calendar when we celebrate the dignity of the human person – from conception to natural end. For today's podcast we catch up with Sister Clement Doran - a religious sister who's been looking after the Diocese of Westminster's sick and retired priests for over a decade. 

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18/07/2013 10:45 am

Bernadette Pattie tells Maria's story

Day for Life is the day in the Catholic Church’s calendar when we celebrate the dignity of the human person – from conception to natural end. For this podcast, we've Skyped Bernadette Pattie, a mother-of-five who tells us the story of her daughter Maria.

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08/07/2013 8:45 am

Sea Sunday - The Welfare of Seafarers

With technological advancements in transport, we can sometimes feel that the world is shrinking and nothing is ever too far away. Consequently it's easy to forget that the food we consume has sometimes traveled thousands of miles across the seas to land on our tables. On Sea Sunday, 14 July, we have an opportunity to reflect on the welfare and contribution made by seafarers to our lives and lifestyles.

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19/06/2013 12:32 pm

The Catholic Bishop with two dioceses!

It's not often you get to interview a bishop with not one but two dioceses under his jurisdiction. Enter Bishop Jason Gordon stage left for today's Catholic News podcast...

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09/05/2013 1:36 pm

Africa: Life in a remote Catholic Diocese in Malawi

In this interview with Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Malawian diocese of Karonga, we get behind the headlines to find out about life in a newly-formed and, in parts, remote Catholic diocese in the north of the country. In this extended interview we discuss socio-economic issues in Malawi, women's rights, the Catholic community, relations with other religions and logistical issues ministering to the faithful.

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02/04/2013 4:30 pm

Marriage Care's New Chief Executive

In the early weeks of 2013, Marriage Care announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive to guide the organisation into a new era. The person who has taken on this key role is Mark Molden, former CEO of Care for the Family, a national charity that works to strengthen family life and help those who face family difficulties.

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21/02/2013 4:45 pm

Challenges and Blessings in Kenya

Bishop Anthony Muheria, from the Diocese of Kitui in Kenya, recently visited CAFOD in the UK and came to speak to us about the Catholic Church in Kenya and some of the challenges faced by his diocese. 

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16/01/2013 12:54 pm

Understanding Islam

Estimates vary but two years ago, a report* estimated that there are some 2.8 million Muslims living in the UK - approximately 4.8% of the population. How we relate to Muslims and understand Islam as Catholics are the key subjects of today's podcast.

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