Water is Life in Zimbabwe

07/12/2011 10:15 am

Super Dube - Coordinator for Caritas Hwange in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe comes into the spotlight for this Catholic News podcast. 

Today we speak to Super Dube - Coordinator for Caritas Hwange in western Zimbabwe. The main focus of our discussion centres on water and sanitation in the country.

Hwange is one of the driest parts of the country. Factors such as climate change have resulted in shorter seasons of rainfall contributing to the statistic that only 46% of Zimbabwe has access to water. If this level of coverage seems low, consider that in terms of sanitation, only 15% of the country has access to clean, safe water.

Caritas Hwange is working on a number of projects to address this but, as Super Dube explains, access to clean water is vital:

"Water is life. Without water, there is no life so it has been very difficult for our communities. Water shortages lead to people being exposed to unprotected water sources - shallow wells, streams - some even contract diseases. In terms of sanitation, diseases like cholera can be spread due to the shortage of sanitation facilities."  


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CAFOD in Zimbabwe

CAFOD, the Church's official aid and development agency, has been working in Zimbabwe since 1998. Zimbabwe is currently CAFOD’s largest country programme with the primary focus on supporting the Catholic Church in its work to reduce poverty and suffering as well as to bring sustainable change to the quality of people’s lives.

CAFOD supports Caritas Hwange in its livelihoods programme which has focused on delivering a range of agricultural programmes including conservation farming, seed multiplication schemes, livestock support (cattle dipping tanks etc) and the rehabilitation of small irrigation schemes. CAFOD also supports Caritas Hwange in rural water supplies and has supported borehole rehabilitation and drilling, deepening and upgrading of wells and fitting of elephant pumps. 


A feature from Caritas Australia looking at water projects in Zimbabwe

CAFOD - the Church's official aid and development agency


Super Dube, Caritas Hwange

Super Dube is the Coordinator of Caritas Hwange in Zimbabwe. In this interview he discusses his work and focuses on water and sanitation issues in Zimbabwe.   super-dube.mp3 6.44 MB