Trafficking: Upholding Children's Rights

06/12/2011 2:45 pm

Mariela Neagu, Child rights expert, Children's High Level Group, Romania

Mariela Neagu is a child rights expert from Romania. She traveled to London from Bucharest to take part in the recent Trafficking Seminar organised by the Bishops' Conference Office for Migration Policy.

After the keynote speeches, where delegates heard perspectives from Catholics working to prevent trafficking as well as counter-trafficking experts from the Metropolitan Police, Mariela sat on a panel alongside Baroness Butler-Sloss of Marsh Green, Sister Eugenia Bonetti and Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland. Bishop Patrick Lynch, the Chair of the Office for Migration Policy, completed the panel line-up.

Ahead of the trafficking seminar, we spoke to Mariela about children's rights and the work of the Children's High Level Group in Romania.

"We talk about poverty at one end, greed at the other end. There is a bridge which I think is the road to hell in between. Society must understand the gravity and size of this phenomenon - there are international reports showing there are 2.4 million people trafficked worldwide." 

Duration: 8m 21s


The Asociatia Children's High Level Group is a Romanian charity founded by Baroness Emma Nicholson in 2005 with the aim of addressing the problem of institutionalised and disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe. Mrs Mariela Neagu is a board member.


The Office for Migration Policy's Trafficking Seminar


Mariela Naegu

Mrs Mariela Naegu spoke to us about the Romanian child rights charity the Children's High Level Group.   mariela-neagu-child-rights.mp3 3.95 MB