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Tapestry Talk

Raphael's tapestries designed for the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City were exhibited in London's Victoria and Albert Museum in 2010. We produced a series of podcasts taking an in-depth look at the powerful Renaissance works. 'Tapestry Talk' lifted the lid on Raphael's masterpieces depicting the Acts of St Peter and St Paul. Use the navigation on the left of this page or below to listen to the individual podcasts.


The Miraculous Draught of Fishes

A podcast on Raphael's 'The Miraculous Draught of Fishes'. Read more


Christ’s Charge to Peter

A podcast on Raphael's 'Christ’s Charge to Peter'. Read more


The Healing of the Lame Man

A podcast on Raphael's 'The Healing of the Lame Man'. Read more


The Conversion of the Proconsul

A podcast on Raphael's 'The Conversion of the Proconsul'. Read more


The Sacrifice at Lystra

A podcast on Raphael's 'The Sacrifice at Lystra'. Read more