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A Franciscan Passion

Our Holy Week podcasts come from Assisi, Italy, where we meditate on Our Lord's Passion and Resurrection through a Franciscan lens. Fr Christopher Whitehead,... Read more

Art and Culture

Devotion by Design

Devotion by Design was an exhibition at London's National Gallery exploring the function, original location, and development of altarpieces in Italy during t... Read more

Art and Culture

Advent Art

This seasonal podcast series focuses on the Advent story using four paintings from the National Gallery’s collection. Two of our culturally immersed priests... Read more

Art and Culture

The Art of Christ's Passion

The Art of Christ's Passion is a podast series telling the Holy Week story using paintings in the National Gallery’s world-famous collection. Dr James Hanvey... Read more

Art and Culture

Elements of the Ordinary

'Elements of the Ordinary' takes a look at Joachim Beuckelaer’s faith-filled paintings of the elements: earth, air, fire and water. The works hang in the Nat...Read more

Art and Culture

Tapestry Talk

Raphael's tapestries designed for the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City were exhibited in London's Victoria and Albert Museum in 2010. We produced a series of s... Read more