BBC One’s The Passion: Use It To Evangelise


The broadcasting of a new BBC adaptation of the events of Holy Week provides the Catholic Community with a significant evangelisation opportunity, says the director of the national evangelisation agency.

The first episode of BBC One’s The Passion will be broadcast on Palm Sunday (16 March), with three additional episodes spanning Holy Week, finishing on Easter Sunday. Each programme will be given a prime time BBC viewing slot and the series is described as an attempt to understand and retell the events of the last days of Jesus’ earthly life as they are recorded in the Gospels. The story is told from three points of view: the religious authorities; the Romans; and Jesus and his disciples. All the key players are intimately characterised, with Jesus at the centre.

CASE Director, Mgr Keith Barltrop, said: "In a dramatic adaptation clearly there will be aspects of the series that do not correspond entirely with Catholic teaching. Nevertheless this broadcast is an opportunity for evangelisation since many people will be talking about Jesus and The Passion story, who would not otherwise be doing so. This important story is central to both British and European culture. I would encourage everyone to think of ways to reach out to people and signpost them to the Gospel and church services during Holy Week and Easter, using the support and resources offered by CASE.”

CASE has created a dedicated resources page on its website which can be found at: A range of materials have been collated such as a ‘Things to do’ sheet, suggested newsletter insert, poster ideas, images, links and a dedicated themed web page for enquirers which will, closer to the broadcast dates, be available at: The latter will include video testimonies, scripture links, an interactive area and visitors’ competition.