Church Affirms The Importance Of Remembrance


Remembering the dead is of fundamental importance if the living are to find lasting peace and come to terms with their own deaths, said the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor.

Speaking in the run up to Remembrance Sunday, His Eminence the Cardinal said:

“We must and should remember those who have sacrificed their lives for justice and peace. As a nation we are forever indebted to them and their loved ones. It is very important that all races and creeds are annually encouraged to unite on November 11th in silence and prayer.

“Remembrance Sunday itself provides us all with an opportunity to give thanks and find consolation in our shared grief. No family or individual is free from an experience of loss at some level. The living can only find lasting peace however if they surrender into the loving hands of God their grief, their whole selves, including their pain, darkness and at times desire for revenge. This act of handing over of all that distresses and destroys must be done if the light of God is to penetrate the human heart and bring peace. Receiving this light is the only authentic way through which we can overcome fear and negativity enabling us to see death in a new and hope-filled way. We remember, yes, knowing that it is not the end.”