Statement issued by Archbishop Patrick Kelly in support of the Churches of the Holy Land

This week Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes is visiting the Holy Land with gifts from the Holy Father to the peoples across that Land. There are also signs that the Holy Land is finding a more prominent place in international political discourse marked by an awareness that justice for all its peoples will serve not only their security and peace but also of the wider region, and indeed of peoples across the world.

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Pilgrims urge prayer for the ‘little town of Bethlehem’

Church leaders in England are asking parish churches and congregations throughout the country to pray for ‘the little town of Bethlehem’ as they approach the final week of Advent – the Church’s season of preparation for the celebration of the birth of the Christ child.

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Church leaders to make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Christian leaders have called for prayers throughout Advent for Christians in the Holy Land as they prepare for a pilgrimage to the birth place of Jesus Christ.

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The Nuffield Council's Guidelines: 'Deliberately ending life'

We warmly welcome the clear recommendation from the Nuffield Council today that “the active ending of life of newborn babies should not be allowed, no matter how serious their condition.” This reaffirms the validity of existing law prohibiting euthanasia, and upholds the vital and fundamental moral principle that the deliberate taking of innocent human life is always gravely wrong.

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Bi-lateral meeting between the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Church of England House of Bishops

“We recognise the importance of working together to present a shared Christian witness to our society, and acknowledge the importance of working with other Christian denominations, and with those of other faiths to take forward the common good in society."

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Vatican Cardinal Releases Statement on Sustainable Development

In one of his statements focussing on the importance of sustainable development, Pope Benedict XVI turned his attention to the situation of poverty in the world: “True world development requires ... an objective knowledge of human situations, the identification of the real causes of poverty and practical responses whose priority is the appropriate formation of each person and community. Thus, the authentic freedom and responsibility that are proper to human action will be put into practice.”[i]

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The Cardinal Celebrates his Golden Jubilee

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster and spiritual leader of the five million Roman Catholics of England and Wales, celebrates the 50th anniversary of his Ordination as Priest on Saturday 28 October 2006.

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Pope Benedict XVI's Message of Congratulations to the Cardinal

Soon the whole Catholic community in Britain will experience a special joy when it will be able and indeed will want to honour you, our venerable brother, as a renowned spiritual leader.

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New Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham H.E Most Rev. William Kenney CP, until now titular Bishop of Midica and Auxiliary Bishop of Stockholm.

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Bishops express their solidarity with the peoples of the Holy Land

Every day we are confronted by news of escalating violence and of the deepening human tragedy in the Holy Land, particularly in Gaza.

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Joffe Bill - Statement by Archbishop Peter Smith

The defeat of Lord Joffe’s Bill is very important and welcome. Over the past two years Lord Joffe’s various proposals have been subject to an extensive debate both in parliament and in the media.

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Da Vinci Code

"The Da Vinci Code gratuitously insults Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church", said the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, in a statement issued Sunday 14 May.

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Human Trafficking

Thousands of human beings are trafficked to the United Kingdom each year from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Republics.

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Bi-lateral meeting between the Bishops' Conference and the Church of England House of Bishops

Bishops from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Church of England House of Bishops will join together for a bi-lateral meeting at Hinsley Hall, Leeds on 14-15 November, 2006.

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“More prisons are not the answer to crime” says Cardinal

Delivering the 2006 Prisoners’ Education Trust Annual Lecture at 7.30pm on Wednesday, April 26th 2006, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said that he totally disagrees with the view that the only way to deal with crime is to have more prisons and to lock people up for a longer period of time.

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Keeping Faith in Britain Today

The debate about ‘faith schools’ returns with the assertion this week that: "Separating pupils on the basis of religion for education purposes in my view is not the best way of developing social cohesion.

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Obituary of Bishop Emeritus Charles Joseph Henderson KC*HS

Bishop Charles Henderson will be remembered as a dedicated and tireless pastor and also as someone who led the way in putting into practice the Second Vatican Council's documents on Christian unity and inter-faith dialogue.

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Bishops urge Catholics to oppose euthanasia and support Care Not Killing Alliance

The Bishops Conference of England and Wales this week sent out half a million leaflets to parishes across the country urging as many Catholics to oppose moves to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide by supporting the Care Not Killing Alliance.

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New Auxiliary Bishops for Southwark

Archbishop Kevin McDonald, in a packed and multi-culturally vibrant service on Tuesday 14th February at St. George's Cathedral, Southwark, ordained as auxiliary Bishops for Southwark, Patrick Lynch ss.cc , 58, and Paul Hendricks, 49.

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Episcopal Ordination of the Rt Rev John Arnold

At a Solemn Mass held at Westminster Cathedral, today, Thursday 2nd February 2006, the Rt Rev John Arnold was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster , assigned the titular see of Lindisfarne . Bishop John Arnold will have responsibility for the pastoral care of the deaneries of Barnet, Brent, Enfield, Haringey, and Harrow and in December 2005 was appointed Moderator of the Curia.

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