Luke In Lent - Luke 8:26-56

07/03/2019 12:00 pm

Today's podcast for 'Reading Luke in Lent' looks at Luke, Chapter 8:26-56.

Having calmed the storm in the last passage and showed his power over nature. Jesus now shows his power over evil, sickness and death. He and the disciples have crossed to gentile territory at the beginning of this section, hence they keep pigs. The demons, who are many, recognise Jesus and call him the ‘Son of the Most High God’. The man is healed becomes the first to proclaim the Good News to the Gentiles as he tells the whole city how much Jesus has done for him.

'Reading Luke in Lent' is a series of simple podcasts for the Lenten season offering a daily reading from St Luke - covering the Gospel from start to finish - from Ash Wednesday to the first week of Easter.


Download the text for the reading here: Luke 8:26-56 55.66 kB


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