Les Misérables

13/04/2018 7:54 pm

The Gospel for the third Sunday of Easter sees us focus on the movie 'Les Misérables' from 2012 as Fr Peter Malone MSC relates it to the day's Gospel reading.

Third Sunday of Easter

Les Misérables (2012)

"Jean Valjean, I think, is one of the best of the Christ figures. He resembles Jesus in so many ways - first as a victim in the galleys, then as a free man. Then he is persecuted but then he helps as many people as he can - showing Jesus's compassion and mercy right until the end of the story."

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Fr Peter's Review

Review: Les Misérables 224.21 kB

Background on the film can be found at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).


Fr Peter Malone is a former president of SIGNIS - the World Catholic Association for Communication. He's a highly experienced film critic and author who has travelled the world watching, writing on and talking about movies. Since 1968, he's written reviews for a number of Catholic magazines and periodicals. He's also written many books on cinema including Films and Values, Movie Christs and Antichrists, Cinema Down Under and the excellent Lights, Camera, Faith (Movie Lectionary) series.