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New Evangelisation Summit

31/08/2018 3:00 pm

New Evangelisation Summit 2018

In May 2018, in collaboration with Mission of the Redeemer Ministries and Sion Community, we organised an event that works really well in a local context called the New Evangelisation Summit - affectionately known as the NES.

The event draws together world-renowned speakers such as Sr Ann Shields, Curtis Martin, George Weigel and Fr Mark Goring to deliver talks and input at the New Evangelisation Summit in Canada. From there it's transmitted to host sites around the English-speaking world.

It aims to connect people who are interested in sharing their faith and inspires them to do so in a warm, friendly and prayerful atmosphere. It's easy to host and provides high quality Catholic teaching on effective evangelisation.

The Home Mission Office organised a NES hybrid host site at SENT, Sion Community’s National Training Centre, to see if this event would appeal to a British audience and, if so, how we could help more live host sites or hybrid host sites to be established throughout England and Wales.

Fifty people came and everyone loved the experience, with a number of people expressing an interest in establishing or helping at a host site in the future. Some were unsure of how watching recorded talks would engage them, but the combination of recorded and live talks with discussion and moments of prayer brought the experience to life for them.

What did you like?
"The speakers were great, and the subjects varied to cover all things that you'd think about. Some simple comments touched me where I am today."

"I loved the prayer time and the praise and worship. I particularly liked the married couple leading prayer."

"It was really well organised from start to finish. Staff were friendly, welcoming and supportive."

For September 2019 we're looking at the possibility of establishing up to four hybrid host sites around England and Wales.

Michael Dopp, the founder of the New Evangelisation Summit, and other speakers will deliver their talks at these sites.

If this is of interest to you, please contact us.

How could it have been even better?
"It could be extended by having some short testimonies of what people are doing in evangelisation."

"A little more downtime would be nice – although I appreciate it was a big programme."

"More focussed questions and more discussion time so that the big points are enforced well."

By trying this event, it was possible to see all the behind the scenes help provided to parishes, communities or diocese wishing to run the event.

NES provides help with administration, preparation, publicity and technical support to make it as easy as possible for the host site to focus on inviting and welcoming people to this event.

After receiving such positive feedback from participants and continuing collaboration with Sion Community and Mission of the Redeemer Ministries are in the process of establishing a ‘training host site’ for people who would be interested in helping at or establishing a host site, but would like some help, encouragement and training.

Hybrid Host Sites
The NES is run in Canada - usually in May or June. Because of the time difference and the possibility that this time of year would not suit some, we have developed a ‘hybrid’ version of the NES where some talks would be viewed on screen and others would be delivered live at the host site. In 2018, Michael Dopp, the founder of NES and author of the evangelisation course Relit, came with Josh Canning from Alpha Canada, to deliver some of the content at the SENT host site.

Live Host Sites
The archdiocese of Southwark was the first British host site to try linking with the NES as it was taking place in Canada this May. Those present loved the live feel of the event whilst having the opportunity to discuss the topics raised with others from around the archdiocese.

If you're interested in establishing a live host site, please visit newevangelization.ca

Host Site Training
The training host site is based at SENT, the Sion Community Training Centre in Brentwood, Essex, and is a slightly longer experience than regular host sites as it provides both a taste of the NES experience and workshops on some aspects of establishing or helping at a host site.

You do not have to take part in this training to get involved with a local host site, but it an opportunity to grow in confidence, understand the support available and be equipped for the task at hand.

To find out more about the NES host site training, please contact us.

Here's a gallery of images taken at the event. With thanks to Michael Woodwood.

 New Evangelization Summit, SION Brentwood, May 2018