Something to Say?

NYS Pope 640 - 480

In the lead up to the Synod on Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment, Pope Francis said, "Every young person has something to say...something to say to priests, sisters, bishops and even the Pope."

He is encouraging young people to turn to the Church and share their thoughts, cares and concerns. It is a chance for those in positions of influence to take advantage of the opportunity provided by this synod, to encourage young people to make their voice heard as we too believe they have something to say to their parish priests, to their chaplains, to the Church in general.

By making the most of this conversation it will help the Church become better at accompanying young people in their vocational discernment.

A Clear Focus

The synod office has defined young people as those aged between 16-29 years and would like to encourage every young person who wants to talk to the Church about their lives, whether Catholic or not to respond with what they have to say to the Church.

When talking about vocational discernment, the Church is referring to helping people on the path to finding the unique calling on each person’s life. Our vocation - God’s dream for us to fulfill our potential can be difficult to find on our own, which is why the Church is exploring how best to walk with those who ask for help.