Prayer for the Holy Land

18/01/2017 12:00 pm

This prayer, for the Holy Land Co-ordination 2017, was prayed by the bishops and the extended delegation several times during the five-day visit. 

O God of our ancestors,
you gave us the earth to make our home
so that all peoples may live together in harmony.
We have allowed our sad divisions to grow,
causing discord and fear of one another.

We have scarred the land through our pride.
May we learn from the past
and remember all those who have suffered,
all those who have lost their lives.

O God of today and every day,
you walk alongside us in our daily lives.
We seek a place to make our home,
where we can live in peace and fulfilment,
and our families grow in love and prosperity.

May we raise up new foundations,
reach out to our neighbours
and welcome the stranger in our midst.
O God, guide our steps
to a future beyond our hopes.

Solutions cannot just be drawn like lines on paper
but through the changing of hearts and minds.

Open our eyes to see
that while we suffer, we may also inflict suffering on others;
that in trying to protect ourselves
we may be leaving less space for trust.

God of mercy and compassion
we place in your hands
this land and all its people
guide and support all those
who seek to establish that justice
which alone ensures true and lasting peace.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.