Palestinian students on life studying and living in the West Bank

13/03/2017 9:58 am

When you visit a place with a view to learning more about the realities on the ground - what people experience on a daily basis - there tends to be much to learn from young people.

In these podcasts, we speak to two Palestinian students studying at Bethlehem University, in the West Bank, about the key issues that matter to them.

Land, freedom and not losing hope

Julia lives in the West Bank and studies at Bethlehem University. The family owns land in the middle of three settlements. Workers are not permitted to come within 10 metres of the barrier fence - this in addition to a law that says that land can be confiscated if it hasn't been planted for three years.

Consequently, the family loses 10 metres of farm land every 36 months.

Julia spent a few years studying oversees and had a difficult decision to make - to live freely abroad or to return to make a contribution to the future of Palestine.

Mobility and checkpoints

Our student experiences in England and Wales are markedly different from those of Palestinians going to university in Bethlehem.

Laila talks to us about one of the biggest problems the she faces on a daily basis - mobility.

"The situation is very unpredictable. When you pass through the checkpoints you never know what is going to happen. Will it be closed? Will you have to wait for several hours? You may have to stand to one side in the sun for hours. It's this kind of experience that students face every day."