Daily Advent Reflections

24/11/2016 12:00 pm

Advent Gathering

As we come to the end of the Year of Mercy, we are painfully aware of the millions of people who feel very far from that mercy because of war, disease, hunger or any one of countless reasons.

This year’s First Readings on the Sundays of Advent come from the prophet Isaiah. He too lived in difficult and dangerous times. The task God appointed to Isaiah was to speak and write of God’s unfailing love for his people. He did not ignore their suffering – but tried to raise people’s hopes – to help them to look for the light on the horizon rather than focus solely on the darkness.

In conjunction with the Readings of Isaiah we have daily reflections from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle to help guide your prayers:

Daily Advent Reflections - Week 1 801.23 kB

Daily Advent Reflections - Week 2 694.09 kB

Daily Advent Reflections - Week 3 678.94 kB

Daily Advent Reflections - Week 4 680.75 kB

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Christmas Octave 689.61 kB

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Advent Podcast

Our Father
Advent is a time of waiting and anticipation. As we look to the coming of Christ at Christmas, we're taking a truly global look at the prayer that Jesus gave us - The Lord's Prayer. For this audio series we're releasing one podcast a day throughout Advent featuring the 'Our Father' in one of the world's many languages. Prayer is catholic - universal.


Advent Reflections provided by the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle