Resources for the parish and beyond

03/10/2014 11:50 am

Two boys hold a 'Be Merciful' sign

Resource Guide and Readings

There are a number of resources available to enable schools and parishes to engage with National Youth Sunday outlined in this full Resource Guide:

NYS14: Resource Guide 366.98 kB

The references for readings for the Feast of Christ the King can be found on

Parish Newsletters

Notwithstanding the technological revolution, the parish newsletter is still alive and kicking and may be the way to raise the profile of activities you are planning for NYS. You are welcome to use and adapt the newsletter inserts provided to engage your parish in this celebration.

NYS14: Newsletter Insert (WORD) 752.50 kB

Connecting with the theme

Since National Youth Sunday falls on the feast of Christ the King, a talk, retreat or homily can take many different directions in order to enrich the faith of those present. The quotes are provided for inspiration on three areas that connect the feast day with the theme.

NYS14: Happiness Quotes 199.91 kB

NYS14: Christ the King - Quotes 198.02 kB

NYS14: Serving Those in Need - Quotes 286.17 kB

Universal prayers

Universal prayers, formally known as the prayers of the faithful or bidding prayers, have been prepared for National Youth Sunday. They have been created to enable the faithful to focus on the theme and allow the addition of intentions which are specific to the needs of your community.

NYS14: Universal Prayers (WORD) 754.00 kB

Printed materials

Parishes, secondary schools, universities and prisons have been sent posters for display, postcards to give to young people and supporting resources. You are welcome to print the poster and resource guide. If you would like to order more postcards or Be Attitude cards, please complete the order form and send to the given address.

NYS14: Poster (A4) 28.02 MB

NYS14: Poster (A4) Welsh 4.81 MB

NYS14: Materials Order Form 184.63 kB

NYS14: Materials Order Form (WORD) 759.00 kB

Be Attitudes

The theme for this year, ‘How happy are you?’ knocks on the door of our heart and challenges us to look at what really brings happiness.

In response to this question and inspired by the beatitudes, Matt 5:3-10, we have created eight 'Be Attitudes' - short statements to help young people think about how their happiness is connected to the rest of the world.