How happy are you?

03/10/2014 8:51 am

Girls holding a 'Be Pure' sign

The theme for this year, ‘How happy are you?’ knocks on the door of our heart and challenges us to look at what really brings happiness.

In response to this question and inspired by the beatitudes, Matt 5:3-10, we have created eight 'Be Attitudes'. These short statements help young people think about how their happiness is connected to the rest of the world.

Be Humble
Let God work through you

Be Sorrowful
Grieving is ok, it shows your love

Be Gentle
It will get you further than you think

Be Just
The truth sets people free

Be Merciful
We all need forgiveness

Be Pure
Open you heart and you will see God

Be Peaceful
Everybody is a child of God

Be Courageous
Dare to do good so God can work through you

Exploring the 'Be Attitudes' using prayer, video clips and other resources, young people are encouraged to explore how a relationship with God helps them to be people of faith in their everyday life, even when they struggle or feel inadequate.

Be Attitudes - Videos

Tune into our video channel to hear stories of young people from all over England and Wales who are finding happiness by living out one of these Be Attitudes.

Visit the channel on our site and feel free to share them on your social media platforms and encourage others to do the same.

You can also share them directly from our special Vimeo channel.

For Schools

You are welcome to use these clips as part of collective worship in school with accompanying prayers, or to make them part of an assembly in anticipation of National Youth Sunday.

NYS14: Outline for an act of worship 205.38 kB

NYS14: Outline for an act of worship (WORD) 775.00 kB

NYS14: Be Attitude Prayers 189.39 kB

NYS14: Be Attitude Prayers (WORD) 774.00 kB

Perhaps you have thought of other ways in which to use these clips. If you would like to share your ideas with others please email teresa@ukvocation.org