Motto and Coat of Arms

08/12/2014 11:01 am

Bishop John Arnold - 11th Bishop of Salford - Coat of Arms


Quo fas vocat
Go where Divine Providence calls you

Bishop John explains:

"This was the motto of Lord Oscar Murton of Lindisfarne who died in 2009. I met him at the time of my ordination as an auxiliary bishop, in 2006. As an auxiliary bishop I was given the title of 'Bishop of Lindisfarne' and he asked me if I would like to take his motto.

"The meaning has significance for me in that seeking to discern and live according to Divine Providence is the particular character of the Institute of Charity - The Rosminians - the religious order who taught in two schools that I attended. I also entered the Institute of Charity and was a member for five years as I began my formation for priesthood.

"Divine Providence is closely associated with the seeking of 'God in all things' which lies at the heart of the spirituality which guided the monks of Lindisfarne in the times when Holy Island was the cradle of Christianity in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries.

"I have always tried to recognise Divine Providence in my life, particularly through the promise of obedience that I made at the time of my ordination to the Diaconate. It is that sense of willing obedience to Pope Francis that brings me to accept his wish to appoint me to the Diocese of Salford."

Coat of Arms

Green with twelve tassels for a diocesan bishop.

Processional Cross
Displayed behind the shield, an unadorned Latin Cross.

The Shield
The sheaves of wheat are representative of Bishop John’s native town of Sheffield - originally Sheaf-Field - and they also represent the important image of the Sower going out to sow as recorded in the Gospels. The bridge is representative of Bishop John’s pastoral intent of building bridges and collaboration through Ecumenical and Interfaith dialogue. The bridge also represents a hint of the causeway which joins Lindisfarne, Bishop John’s former title, to the mainland.

The Coat of Arms was designed with the assistance and advice of Bishop Charles Scicluna, Auxiliary Bishop of Malta and was digitally reproduced by Fr Edmund Montgomery, a priest of the Diocese of Shrewsbury. The heraldic design conforms to the requirements of the Instruction Ut sive sollicite, ‘On the dress, titles, and coats-of-arms of Cardinal, Bishops and lesser Prelates’, issued by the Secretariat of State on 31 March 1969.


Bishop Arnold's Motto and Coat of Arms

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Details about the chosen Motto and Coat of Arms for Bishop John Arnold.


Order of Service: Bishop John Arnold

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Order of Service for the Installation of Bishop John Arnold as Bishop of Salford.