Evangelisation Symposium

05/11/2014 12:50 pm

Dr Ann Casson with Bishop Nicholas Hudson in the background through the viewfinder of a camera

5 November 2014, Vaughan House, Westminster

On Wednesday, 5 November 2014 delegates from across England and Wales gathered in Westminster for a one-day Symposium about ministry and outreach to non-churchgoing Catholics.

The focus of the day was the content of a new research paper, commissioned by the Bishops’ Conference Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis, conducted by Dr Ann Casson. The research has as its focus non-churchgoing Catholic parents who send their children to Catholic primary schools in England and Wales. A brief introduction to the research is available to download to the right of this page.

In recent years the Department has commissioned a breadth of work concerning outreach to non-churchgoing Catholics. This work has proved to be of interest to a wide range of mission partners.

The Symposium day saw a cross section of practitioners working in support of local evangelisation and pastoral ministry – in service of families, parishes and schools - share insights and experiences to help inform a practical response to the research.

Dr Casson’s research was presented at the event and workshop leaders offered insights about good practice during the day. The gathering ended with a plenary session to bring together all that has been shared.

The Rt Rev Nicholas Hudson, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, led the day and gave his initial reflections to the research findings.


You can download Dr Ann Casson's research by using the link in the top right-hand corner of this page.


You can hear Bishop Hudson's preview reflections on the importance of reaching out to non-churchgoing Catholic parents, and his views on the new research and the Evangelisation Symposium by using the players and links to the right of this page.


This research complements the work already being pioneered by the Bishops’ Conference Marriage and Family Life Project Office, and also a number of initiatives being developed by evangelisation and education co-workers across England and Wales.

Section on the Bishops' Conference site for outreach to non-churchgoing Catholics

Our Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis


Case Study: Catholic Parents

research-paper-cath-parents-new-evang-051114.pdf 840.04 kB

Research: 'Challenges and Opportunities for the New Evangelisation: A Case Study of Catholic Primary School Parents in England and Wales'. 


Reaching Parents

Bishop Nicholas Hudson reflects on some of the most important things that the Church seeks to communicate to non-churchgoing Catholic parents. Duration: 2m 41s.   bp-hudson-evang-parents-041114.mp3 3.68 MB

Research Overview

Bishop Nicholas Hudson, auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, provides an overview of the new research commissioned by the Bishops' Conference Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis aimed at reaching out to non-churchgoing Catholics. Duration: 5m 42s.   bp-hudson-evang-symp-overview-041114.mp3 7.13 MB

Symposium Research: Summary & Highlights

symposium-day-research-summary-&-highlights.pdf 530.71 kB

A brief introduction to the research conducted by Dr Ann Casson on non-churchgoing Catholic parents who send their children to Catholic primary schools in England and Wales.