Prayers For Prisons Week

Prisons Week was formed to pray for and raise awareness of the needs of prisoners and their families, victims of offenders, prison staff and all those who care. It consists of representatives of Christian denominations and Christian organisations.

This Prisons Week we pray for all those affected by prison and who carry heavy burdens of responsibility or loss, that they might turn to the Lord and find restoration and wholeness in him.

Please pray each day during Prisons Week, using the prayers below, but also ask yourself whether there is one thing that you as an individual or as a church can do to assist.

For suggestions as to how you can help or to make a donation, please visit where you will also find additional materials including prayers, worship resources, ideas, useful contacts, books and more.


Day One

Those who are busy and weighed down with responsibility, stop, stand in the light and find strength and rest. For all who work in prisons, and care for those...Read more


Day Two

Those laid low, rise up, stand in the light and find your feet. It is so hard to get up when we feel we have dropped off not just God’s radar, but everyone e...Read more


Day Three

Those living with loss, in pain and fear, take a deep breath, look up and out, stand in the light and find courage. Do not be afraid. Jesus said, “I am with...Read more


Day Four

Those carrying heavy burdens of responsibility, lay them down awhile, stand in the light and find rest and peace. Those of us who daily have difficult and li...Read more


Day Five

Those who are hurting, lift your heads, stand in the light and find healing. It is hard to be the parent, friend or partner of someone convicted of serious w...Read more


Day Six

Those who can make a difference, join together. Link your arms you people, link your hearts; stand in the light and find strength. Read more