Prayers for Prisoners' Sunday

12/11/2012 3:15 pm

Our Lady in Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We pray for all who have been made hard
and cynical, who feel no regret for their
crimes. Break the bonds of fear and isolation.
Support with your love, Lord, all prisoners, their
families and all those who work in prisons.
Heal those who have been damaged and
wounded by crime. Help us all to seek
reconciliation and to forgive.

Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer

Written by Pact

We praise you, God our Father, for the Resurrection of your Son, for his return to life.
We thank you for his victory, which he shares with us.
We thank you for putting in our hearts an understanding of this Resurrection which leads us into the mystery of his love. 
Through his Death and Resurrection he frees us all, from our weakness and frailty.
He frees us, from all our prisons.
We pray for ourselves and for everyone held bound, in any way. 
Help us to enter ever more deeply into the freedom that Jesus offers us.


Written by Mgr Malachy Keegan, Catholic Bishops’ Prisons Adviser