Understanding Human Dignity

29/08/2012 3:25 pm

Understanding Human Dignity - a conference in Oxford

Rhodes House, Oxford
26-29 June 2012

An impressive line-up of more than 50 speakers gathered at Rhodes House, Oxford, in June to discuss the meaning and scope of human dignity at a high-level, interdisciplinary academic conference.

The conference was jointly sponsored by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, together with Oxford University, the British Academy, Queen's University Belfast and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome.

Judges, legal academics, philosophers and theologians took part over the three days. Both the President and Vice President of the Bishops' Conference - Archbishop Vincent Nichols and Archbishop Peter Smith respectively - attended the conference.

In this audio feature, used with the kind permission of BBC Radio 4, presenter Edward Stourton introduced the conference and chaired an academic debate that sought to investigate the relationship between human dignity and human rights and how human dignity can be defined in the context of issues surrounding assisted dying, sexuality and freedom.


Fr David Hollenbach SJ
Professor of Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College in the United States

Denise Reaume
Professor of Law at Toronto University

Chris McCrudden
Professor of Human Rights and Equality Law at Queen's Belfast

Jeremy Waldron
Lecturer in legal philosophy at New York University and Professor of Political and Social Philosophy at Oxford


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Archbishop Nichols calls for a shared understanding of Human Dignity


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Human Dignity

This audio, used with kind permission from BBC Radio 4, covers the Understanding Human Dignity Conference that took place in Oxford on 26-29 June 2012.