Education Sunday 2012

20/01/2012 11:10 am

Pupils looking at a computer screen

Education Sunday takes place this year on Sunday 5 February. The Catholic Education Service for England and Wales has produced a suite of resources to help schools and parishes prepare for the day. These include:

  • A letter for Education Sunday from the Catholic Education Service Chairman, the Right Reverend Malcolm McMahon OP
  • Suggested homily notes for Education Sunday
  • Recent speeches and homilies by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, to young people or about education

Ecumenical resources may be downloaded from the Churches Together in England website.

In his letter for Education Sunday, Bishop McMahon says:

"Our schools are a very significant way in which the Catholic community in England and Wales places itself at the service of society.

"We are mindful that our educational institutions, many of which are among the very best in the country, depend on us for their success and their faithfulness to the evangelical commission to make disciples of all people. They depend first of all upon the support and cooperation of Catholic parents, who are the first teachers of their children. They depend on local parishes in whose mission and witness they share, and they depend on a great number of committed staff who reflect in their own lives the joy that knowing Christ brings.

"Our Catholic schools and colleges are a great treasure. This treasure has been given to us and we must ensure that we hand it on to future generations. Education is in a time of great change. For some schools, this may mean working in new ways and in new relationships. Whatever the challenges that we face, now or in the future, let us remain focussed upon Christ in all that we do."


Letter: Bishop Malcolm McMahon - Education Sunday 2012 291.23 kB
Homily Notes: Education Sunday 2012 238.57 kB

Papal Messages

Papal Message: Young People of Italian Catholic Action 35.00 kB
Papal Message: Young People and Families of Sicily 32.50 kB
Papal Message: Young University Professors, Spain 32.00 kB
Papal Message: World Youth Day 2011 – Final Mass 32.00 kB
Papal Message: Twenty-Sixth World Youth Day 47.00 kB
Papal Message: Celebration of Catholic Education in Twickenham 38.00 kB
Papal Message: Prayer Vigil with Croatian Youth 33.00 kB
Papal Message: Congregation for Catholic Education 32.50 kB
Papal Message: Children in Benin 27.50 kB
Papal Message: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart 35.00 kB
Papal Message: Children's Italian Catholic Action 27.50 kB

Social Media

For updates about Education Sunday please visit the CESEW Twitter feed @CESEWupdates. You can also share what your school and parish are doing using the hashtag #educationsunday.