Interview: Archbishop Pinto of Karachi

05/12/2011 6:15 pm

Archbishop Evarist Pinto of Karachi, Pakistan

In this audio feature, we talk to the Most Rev Evarist Pinto, Archbishop of Karachi, Pakistan. Archbishop Pinto was in the UK at the invitation of Missio - the Church’s official support organisation for overseas mission. We took the opportunity to interview him about his ministry in Pakistan and how Missio supports the Church in his country. 

Keeping a sense of joy in suffering...

"We live for a purpose, we have a mission. We know the situation - troubled times - and yet we have something to offer... And more practically of course the services that we render to society, to the bigger community in relation to our own community, is acknowledged and appreciated: our schools and our health services, and also our involvement in human rights."

Support from Missio...

"Yes, help comes... for the formation of our young men for the priesthood, our catechists and other projects that we are building, our churches. There’s  a big need in a way because the city is expanding and our people move in there. Often there’s no church in the vicinity. We start with Masses or services in homes...gradually put up a church building or possibly a school even to start with."

Duration: 6m 40s 


Missio is the Catholic Church’s official support organisation for overseas mission. It uses offerings from Catholics in England and Wales to provide regular assistance to 1,069 Mission dioceses worldwide - including the Archdiocese of Karachi.


Archbishop Pinto of Karachi

In this audio interview, we speak to Archbishop Evarist Pinto of Karachi in Pakistan about his work and ministry.   abp-pinto.mp3 6.07 MB