Eucharistic Congress

07/11/2011 8:30 am

Fr Kevin Doran, Secretary General of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress

In this feature, we look ahead to the 50th International Eucharistic Congress taking place in Dublin, Ireland in June 2012. The Congress will link faith and culture, with a particular focus on the gathering of people of every nation, language and way of life around the table of the Lord.

Fr Kevin Doran is the Secretary General of the Congress. With a little over a year to go, he tells us a bit more about the centrality of the theme of the event:

"The theme 'Communion with Christ and One Another' is a reminder that through being drawn into the Eucharist and into relationship with Christ, we are also placed into a relationship with one another", and he speaks of the responsibilities we have in that.

He also tells us of the hope the congress will offer, not only to the Church as a whole but to the Church in Ireland in the face of the key issues she is facing at the present time:

"In order of history we still have to repair the hurt of years of violence... and it has been around 15 years since the issue of the abuse of children by clergy has come to the surface.... and there is the economic crisis caused mainly by elements of greed and the thirst for power, taking very little account of people’s real needs. There’s a broken trust there which symbolises a communion that has failed.  So the theme of communion, which is the heart of the purpose of this congress, challenges us in each of these areas to heal, renew and restore."

He said that as a legacy of the event there is a "..hope for a richer celebration of the Eucharist in parishes, and that drawing from the central theme the Church can be once again a builder of communion and community."


Fr Kevin Doran: Eucharistic Congress

Fr Kevin Doran is the Secretary General of the International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin 2012.   euch-congress1.mp3 4.34 MB